Childhood cancer survivor inspires through journey to become auto racing champion!

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Childhood Cancer to racing champion



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More than a cancer survivor...I am a racing driver



My name is Gabe Tesch. I AM A CANCER SURVIVOR! I survived a 48-day radiation treatment cycle, followed by 48 weeks of chemotherapy

for brain cancer. I am not simply a childhood cancer survivor… I am a racing driver! I may have started later than other racers my age,

but it was not the desire to race that held me back. 


When I was 11 years old doctors found a small tumor in the right side of my brain. The tumor was removed and a biopsy concluded it was actually a grade 3 cancerous brain tumor. Life as I knew it was put on indefinite hold. Treatment ended when I was 13 years old and my recovery battle began! 


Due to the aggressive treatment, I would lose a lot of weight and then have to regain 10% of my body weight back. This happened every 2 weeks. For the majority of my treatments I had nutrients pumped into my stomach through a feeding tube. Unfortunately towards the end of the 48 week chemo cycle, one of the chemotherapy drugs had to be discontinued due to the beginnings of kidney failure. This left me with very little physical strength and endurance. It took nearly 18 months to simply gain the fitness level of an average 14 year old. Hey… I am here, healthy, and thriving.


Gabe Tesch.   #gabetesch48c   #SKUSA 
#stupidcancer  #kartracing #freemanstrong  #Ricciardokart

This is when I realized, God gave me the strength and courage to battle 48 weeks of chemotherapy, not just to survive, but to show me I can do something extraordinary! We all can! Thats when I decided I will become one of the best racing drivers of our time! 

My first summer racing karts locally I was able to win the 2017 season championship in my class. In 2018 I raced locally as well as a regional series and won the local championship again, setting a new track record! In the regional series competing against 40 other drivers with an average of 6-8 years of experience— including national champions—I placed 9th in the series, even winning one race overall! 

This season the bar is set even higher as I will be racing in the SKUSA National Pro Tour series. Please join my team! 

Gabe Tesch.   #gabetesch48c   #SKUSA 
#stupidcancer  #kartracing #freemanstrong  #Ricciardokart

Somebody said to me once, “a vision that doesn’t require a team is not big enough”. That is why I work out with a personal trainer, and why I found Burt Gasaway, a 13 time national kart racing champion to mentor me. It is also why I need to enroll others to be on my team, the 48C team! My desire to be a great driver is a lot like battling childhood cancer. I need my team! In addition to my team of doctors, I also had my support team. This team consisted of literally hundreds of people all across the country as well as people in Europe and even China who prayed for me, sent me encouraging messages  as well as care packages and even money to help with all of the crazy medical bills and other costs associated with my battle. It was amazing to have all those people, every single person was essential to our victory! 

All of us need a team.  Most of the time we don’t ask. I am asking.  Will you please be on my team? I need every single person now just as much as I did then.  My contact info is all here, follow me, message me, come watch me! Also if you need me on your team, please ask me! I would be honored!

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I am asking........

When I was battling brain cancer I had so many childhood cancer Doctors I could not keep them straight! There was the lead Oncologist in Seattle, the Radiation Oncologist at the proton center,my Oncologist in Spokane, the Neurologist, the Neurosurgeon, the Nephrologist, the Endocrinologist, and the radiologist in Spokane. In addition to the big hitters were all the support people. The Pediatric Oncology Nurses, the Nutritionists,Physical Therapists, Lab Techs, MRI Techs, Life Specialists,and  Hospitalists. In addition to all of these people was all of my family, friends, teachers, community members, church family and literally countless others! The team was huge and every single team member was essential! Our mission was to do something extraordinary, kick cancers butt!

Now we have a new mission! Our new mission is also to do something eextraordinary. We are also going to need a huge team, and every single member is essential. From the heavy hitters who will provide us with the financial support to climb the motorsports ladder, to the boots on the ground teammates who will provide all of the coaching and technical support to help me develop the skills to be great. Perhaps most important of all,every single other person on the team who believes in me, supports and encourages me and prays for me. All of the medical professionals in the world cannot replace all of the people who came around me during my cancer battle! They were the ones who tended to my spirit. Without a strong spirit and faith it is impossible to do something extraordinary!

Please join the team! Whatever capacity you can fill is essential! If you can provide financially, or if you have an abundance of airline miles. If you want a person like me to represent your company or brand. Anything you have to offer including friendship, encouragement, and all types of moral support! Thank you for being a part of something extraordinary, together we will inspire people all over the world, there is no doubt in my mind!


If you want to do something now, click the button below. Dive right in to the 48c team! Unlike most sports there are no college scholarships. In addition to having the talent, passion, skill and desire you need the means. I want to succeed so I can inspire everyone to follow their passion, but I cannot do it alone!  

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