Childhood cancer survivor inspires through journey to become auto racing champion!


join my team!

"Do something extraordinary!"

That is our purpose, our mission, and our vision! I believe every single person has this ability, and together we can prove it!

From 48 weeks of intense cancer treatment to becoming a great racing driver!

That is the extraordinary something! But  just like battling brain cancer to be victorious I need a huge team  behind me.

Be an inspiration to the world!

Through the team's battle to help me become a champion racing driver we will show the world what any person is capable of achieving!

Join us!




serving people


What our team believes

I love people! I believe it is our job to lift each other up every time we have the chance. Offering encouragement, friendship, and service to each other is essential to life! It literally saved mine!!


How we do it

If we have something to offer we offer it. It is that simple! From speaking at dinner auctions to raise money for Wishing Star, to giving driving simulator demos to raise money for Parkinsons research. Whatever we can think of, we just want to serve!


All of us need a Team

Is there something we can do to help your charity, non-profit, or cause? All of us need a team, most of the time we don't ask. Reach out to us and ask. If there is some way we can help we want to. Contact us to find out more about what we are doing! 

Reach out

Drive The Sim

48c professional driving simulator


The Machine

The 48c simulator is state of the art! Using a powerful professional grade motion engine and 3 electronic actuators providing full motion! Using data and telemetry from real race cars to accurately simulate a real driving experience! Comparable units start at $30,000.00 and are used for driver training by many professional racing teams.

Gabe and the 48c simulator at YOUR event!

Having a party, open house or other event?  For a minimum donation we will bring the 48c sim to you! Contact us for details!


One of the benefits of sponsoring Gabe Tesch is an appearance along with his sim at your business or other function!

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